Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here in DC (and across many parts of the country) we've been on the ass end of a winter blizzard pound-fest. This past weekend's snow-tally (between 2 and 3 feet!) topped all previous records for the DC Metro area and prompted virtually everything in the area to shut down for multiple days. If that wasn't enough? Just as DC started to pick itself back up from the snowy ground... Wednesday brought even more snow. It's still falling as I type this, but it seems as though we may be in store for another 20 inches.

What's this have to do with music? Obvious. Music- like fireplaces and Baileys- is crucial to snow days. The best way to avoid cabin fever is with a cuddle-buddy, a handle of booze and some snowy-day tunes. Click 'Read More' below to take a listen to our 12-track snow-day playlist.

After an early morning adventure into the snow today the first thing I did was throw my wet socks into the dryer. The second thing I did was make a mix.  Let's take a look at some of the cold-fighting highlights:

Kings of Convenience - Mrs. Cold
Any Kings of Convenience track would actually do. They have such a chill sound for tooling around the house. This track just so happens to be called 'Mrs. Cold' so it's a toe-thawing two-for.

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
If you're anything like this blogger, you didn't want to get out of bed today. And surprise, surprise! You don't have to get up or go to work for the rest of the week because your car is currently under three feet of compressed snow/ice. Stay in bed and listen to the bizarre, high-pitched melodies of 'Sleepyhead'.

Miike Snow - A Horse is not a Home
What would a snow-day playlist be without some Miike Snow? These crisply manufactured beats might actually be enough to pull you out of bed, but if you're seeking sensical lyrics, you might be a tad disappointed. 'A Horse is not a Home' still has me scratching my head. But, I can't help but bob it, too.

Spoon - Mystery Zone
Spoon crooner Britt Daniels' voice is like rubbing two sticks together. The result is hot music, steaming with energy and passion. This is a song of other-worldly escape. So pack your bags, and if you can manage, escape to Spoon's 'Mystery Zone'. Maybe it'll be warmer there.

Vampire Weekend - Horchata
Too literal? Maybe. But today, when I was trekking out for coffee, all I could think about was a Balaclava and how warm my face would be if I were wearing one. Sipping on some hot 'Horchata' wouldn't be the worst thing either, ya know?

Bon Iver - Woods
Every so often, Bon Iver retreats to rural Wisconsin, locks himself in a cabin and records music. 'Woods' is the result of Bon Iver's snowy isolation. He's certainly captured the feeling of cabin fever and put it to music. Now if he can just find you a store that still has a carton of eggs left.

Discovery - Swing Tree
Discovery generates an electric-sounding beat to solve any power outage. Even if it's not enough, 'Swing Tree' is the kind of summery goodness that should get your blood pumping and warm your soul. Still not enough to solve your power outage? Maybe you should look for a shelter... check into a hotel?

Yeasayer - I Remember
Yeasayer manages to encapsulate the childhood nostalgia of snowfall. Musically, this is the perfect snow flake or the wispy whiteness of a fresh snow bank. I just don't remember those snowfalls ever being this bad...

Modeselektor - The Rapanthem
A long, winding journey down the frozen caverns of electronic and hip-hop. Modeselektor has a way of casting a wintery mood over intricate beats. This icy track should have you thawed out long before the pipes.

The Antlers - Two
"Too cold to care and too sick to shout," were the words that struck me when I first listened to 'Two'. It's days like today that The Antlers seem to provide just the right atmospheric soundtrack to. If you listen carefully to the heavy lyrics you'll hear about battles with eating disorders, failing relationships and dysfunctional families. Today, this song can just help battle the cold.

Blind Pilot - Paint or Pollen
Don't have someone to snug up to? This song may feel lonely, but might provide a little warmth. Or you could just- ya know- drench your hot chocolate in Grey Goose. That'll probably make it better too.

Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page
This is what I see when I look out the window; A solid, 'White Blank Page' of snow halting my visibility  about five feet in front of my face. 'Winter Winds' and 'After the Storm' would have also been suitable track additions, but any song from the brilliant Sigh No More is the perfect melancholic release for your big day at home.

You can listen to the 12-track playlist below:

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