Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dirty Projectors Release New Single

This week the Dirty Projectors put out a pair of singles- more of a companion to their 2009 release Bitte Orca than as any preparation for an upcoming album.  This has been a common occurrence of late as the mere concept of 'album' has changed and begun to erode in the digital age.  Having fun with the very idea of releasing a physical album, the Dirty Projectors called this a digital 7" release.

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The two songs pick up right where Bitte Orca left off.  'Ascending Melody' possesses the Dirty Projectors' patented off-key-around-the-edges sound.  As the ladies harmonize in the opening, it sounds as if a funk song is trying to break out- at least a Dirty Projectors version of a funk song.  But it never quite materializes in funk-status.  Instead, the song plays the same stretch again and again, deconstructing and re-imagining the pretty sound for us as lead-singer David Longstreth (pictured below) chimes in with vocals of his own.

'Emblem of the World' is a little more straight-forward, a quiet contemplation paced by the gentle-tapping of the drum, the light strumming of a guitar.  In a nice way, the song never lifts off the ground.  Instead it slowly taxis us around, thinking, watching and waiting... for what?  How about another Dirty Projectors album?

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  1. yeah,but the lyrics read like some stoned high schooler just discovered the thesaurus